Beware – Stop Buying Adsense Account

Please stop buying adsense account before you read this article. If you cant get your adsense account approved even after following the below steps, then you can buy a google adsense account from our site buyadsenseaccountz.

You can apply for a Google adsense account if you have a Good blog or a website with unique content and better amount of visitors. Content is the most important fact when you apply for an Adsense account. Quality and Unique content will attract your visitors and they will return your site often because they cant read your content on other sites and blogs. In this post lets discuss the easiest way to get approval for your adsense account. There are some basic requirements to get approval. But never try with the minimum requirements. It’s easy to get the approval if you have some better quality on your blog or website. Complete this tasks and apply for Google adsense account.


First you have to pick a Good topic to write your blog or website. You have to be an expert in that topic. so your visitors can get more knowledge about it and they will visit your site again and again. After selecting a good topic, you can start writing posts. Blog Content is very important when applying for Google adsense. Your content must be unique. That is the best way to get good search engine rank and more visitors. Your visitors will like your blog when you have unique and quality content. With below requirements you can easily get approved for google adsense account.

* Blog or a Website with Unique and Quality content
* Better if you can have a .com or .net domain instead of
* 40 / 50+ Good posts
* Good traffic to your site
* Better if you can have around 1000 page views per day ( For easy approval )
* Don’t apply adsense for blogs or web sites if you are still developing it
* Check all site links before you apply for Adsense
* Make some backlinks and try to build few traffic sources
* Submit your site to Search Engines and Blog directories

Quality content and the traffic is the best way to get approval for your adsense request. with above achievements you can get your adsense approval very easily.

After you have requested for an Adsense account, Don’t forget to check your mail inbox often. If your blog or website rejected check that E-mail notification for the disapproval reason and try to fix it. Check your site with link checker tools to make sure that you don’t have any broken links on your site which reduce your site quality. people who has quality blogs will get accepted at the first time but most of times new sites and new bloggers will have to try few times.

But don’t give up. request again and again. fix problems on your blog and try to increase the quality. when google disapprove your request read that info and fix them all. and request again. after the request don’t wait for their response. Put more posts and get more visitors to your site and make more traffic to your site. it will increase the possibility of approval.

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