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FAQ – Buy Adsense Accounts

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How much time will it take to get a approved Adsense Account?

We will approve your adsense account within 4-7 working days.

Is the Adsense Account is Hosted or Non Hosted?

The account that gets approved will be a non hosted account.

What is the difference between a Hosted and Non Hosted Adsense Account?

A Hosted account represents that you can show the ads only on a website that is owned by google, for example: Youtube and Blogspot.

With a hosted account you earn 50% of the revenue that you earned through these websites.

With a Non Hosted Adsense Account, the ads can be displayed anywhere on the world wide web. You can create a website and place ads on your website. You can also put ads on YouTube, Blogspot, Blogger, and many more websites. And with a Non Hosted Adsense Account you recieve 68% of the revenue that you generated.How to identify if the Account is Hosted or Non Hosted?–> In a Hosted Account, when logged in, on the left of the email id. Is written clearly Hosted in red colour, so you can identify it very easily.

How you create the Adsense Account?

We create the account(s) with only 100% White Hat Methods. We create a website with 100% unique content, book a domain and use unique content in order to get the Account approved.

Can you convert Hosted Account into Normal Account?

Yes We can convert a Hosted Account into a Normal Account.

Is the Account PIN Verified?

No Adsense Account won’t be PIN verified. PIN verify is when your address is checked and confirmed by Google Adsense. In order to recieve payments from Adsense, you need to PIN verify your Adsense Account.

The PIN verify is something you have to do yourself.

What about the guarantee, if my adsense account gets banned?

We give 30 days replacement warranty, if your adsense account gets banned, but not if the ban is due to your actions, like (clicks bombarding), bot traffic or against TOS. We will check the Adsense Ban email in order to process the warranty.

How we accept Payment?

We accept payment from PayPal, Bank Transfer(for India) and Western Union for foreign customer.I have some other questions, which I can’t find here?

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