WordPress Adsense Plugin

I’ve try 2 adsense plugin for WordPress. Both are very good.I’ve found plugin that can be use. There are Adsense Duluxe and MightyAdsense. I’m using MightyAdsense for this blog..It’s very good and i love it. I will make a review for this plugin soon.

Power of Sitemap

The steps you need to perform in order to have a sitemap for your site are simple. First, you need to generate it, then you upload it to your site, and finally you notify Google about it.

Depending on your technical skills, there are two ways to generate a sitemap – to download and install a sitemap generator or to use an online sitemap generation tool. The first is more difficult but you have more control over the output. You can download the Google sitemap generator from at http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ or other site that Google listed for you at http://code.google.com/sm_thirdparty.html.You can try it by yourself.It’s help me a lot. Find one that exacly you want.

After you have created the sitemap, you need to upload it to your site (if it is not already there) and notify Google about its existence. Notifying Google includes adding the to Google Sitemap account at https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login. If you don’t have google account yet,get it now. There a lot of advantages by getting Google Account.

But right now,Yahoo and MSN still not accepted sitemaps such as xml used by google. But Yahoo allow us to submit txt file with list of url of our site. I think it should be categorize as a sitemaps too. Sitemap can help your site indexed fast because your let them know about your site existance.

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